So, apparently I was in Edmonton awhile ago:

Very swoopy, rather reminded me of this. But in a tentative, Canadian way. Excellent Burtynsky exhibit on, btw. If you’re in Edmonton before the first week of January, I strongly recommend it.

Le foyer. Or part of it. Since this is Alberta, we did have to pay admission. (There is, however,  a student price.)

I really liked this stairwell. (More pics of it on Flickr site.) I know, the frosted blue backlit panels are cheesy, but it was so un-ironic in execution.

No other pictures from Edmonton, since I just went to IKEA and MEC. We did encounter a massive Fisheries and Wildlife stop check en route to Edmonton, however. 10+ Official Conservation Officer cars, and they were pulling anyone over who looked like they would have dead meat in the back of their vehicle. (We weren’t pulled over. I guess I don’t look like I kill things. Anymore.) So, we did get out of Saskatoon, and I now have lots and lots of warm clothing. I’m rather afraid of my next credit-card statement though. It seems like whenever I have to go Christmas shopping, I end up buying things for myself since I get frustrated trying to find stuff for other people.