Oddly descriptive names:

Allegretto Way

Apex Street

Arts Court

Auld Place

Blue Place

Candle Way

Coy Avenue

Day Street

Early Drive

Guppy Street

Little Bay

Noble Crescent

Peeling Avenue

Rainy Court

Short Place

Stone Place

Turtle Court

Wright Way

Wedge Road

Young Crescent


Rather Britishy names:

Biro Place

Cornish Place

Tiffin Crescent


Names the City tried to make respectable by adding an extra consonant:

Begg Crescent

Betts Avenue

Cassino Place

Gropper Crescent

Hogg Way

Strumm Terrace

Tubby Crescent (I imagine the City gave up at this point)


Streets I would have a hard time saying with a straight face:

Ball Way

Beavis Street

Beerling Crescent

Brainerd Crescent

Budz Green

Bushe Place

Glacial Shores Bend

Horlick Crescent

John Hair Crescent

Kloppenburg Bend

Kutz Court

Laycock Lane

McWillie Avenue

Shaftsbury Place


Just plain funny or weird:

Agar Place

Constain Place

Diggle Place

Egbert Avenue

Galt Court

Keevil Way

Korol Mews

Needham Way

Neusch Way

Packham Place

Skuce Place

Spinks Drive

Trotchie Court

Wark Place

Interested individuals can view a Beerling Crescent street sign and its companion, Drinkle Street, in the Engineering Lounge on the U of S campus. Oddly enough the puffy jackets haven’t stolen a Brainerd Crescent sign as well. I haven’t been in the Engineers’ lounge since summer of 2006, though, so perhaps they have rectified this oversight.