Anyways, I’m just going to state here again, you should read pp 129-150, the summary of all the shenanigans that YOR TAX DOLLERS are up to. It has lots of goodies, things I didn’t know about (but then, I don’t know much.) For instance, the City is in talks to make a facility for diverting construction and demolition waste from the landfill. Also, they’re plotting to make a proper civic plaza, which I agree with: we need a better place to protest.

p 152 is the budget projected to year-end.

We are now dropped back into (yet another) recurrence of the proposed zoning changes to Nutana, Kensington, Evergreen. I’m tempted to skip ahead to the letters at this point. I can see why some councillors don’t bother to read this.

Okay, now we’re back on to the Broadway 360 plan. Who is doing this PDF? Can I have your job? You need a break.

Anyways, p 216 is a repeat of the comments, in case you wanted to read them again (I didn’t.)

OK, the map on p 228 is a repeat as well, but I just noticed it looks sort of phallic, so I’ve brought it to your attention. You’re welcome. You know, I should be paid for all this thoughtful analysis here.

p 230: OMG the Evergreen rezoning proposal AGAIN

…and the Hamptons one


seriously if they put the Broadway 360 report in here one more time, I’ll…I’ll go back to bed.

Well, at least I’m on page 291 now.

p. 311 is the penis map again.

And now we’re back onto the Evergreen rezoning **eye twitches**

Finally, some new content.
p. 318 is…the Order of Business NEVERMIND

p. 319: three people from Comfort Cabs are addressing Council about wheelchair accessible plates. And that’s it, now we’re onto the letters to council. Awww yiss, I’m going to put that in a separate post.