Darryl on Spinks Drive is of the opinion that the city does not employ any traffic engineers, so he is helpfully offering solutions. Someone should also tell him the cost of installing traffic lights (I think it varies from 100-200k per intersection.)

Michael is in Grade 8 and has challenged himself to carpool, use public transit or cycle to school. Well done, Mike. He’s asking that if the pedestrian portion of the south bridge is done, could they open it to foot/bike traffic right away? It’s an hour and a half bus ride to his school, and the south bridge means he can bike it in 45 minutes or so (he estimates.) My husband would like to note that so far Michael has better spelling, grammar, and manners than most of the letters we’ve seen.

I notice that he hasn’t asked for improvements in bus service, but I’ll just share something I saw on another blog: we also need to consider the importance of suburb to suburb transit, not just suburb to downtown and vice versa. It should not take me 90 minutes to visit a friend in Briarwood when I live in Forest Grove.

Gavin Sheppard lives by Mayfair pool. He has tried to reserve a parking spot in front of his house with a chair but people are moving it. To stop people from taking his hard-earned spot on a public roadway, he wants the city to pave paradise and put up a parking lot. Or at least the (dying, needle-infested) trees next to the current lot.

Maryanne wants to know if anyone on City Council has ridden the bus lately. Confederation terminal is not big enough anymore to handle the sheer amount of buses so people are forced to jog across Diefenbaker. Another deplorable state of affairs.

Alan from Priel Place (hm, I seem to have overlooked this street while on my funny name quest) wants work crews to cover and/or remove signs when they are not working because he has a right to travel uninterrupted (he doesn’t.) He’s talking about the repair work to the pedestrian overpass on the north end of Circle headed east, just east of the Warman on-ramp. Anyways, I’ve read the news release and they said that they left the barriers up while the concrete cured. He threatened that it would be a major issue during the election. I’ll say. If that pedestrian overpass crumbles during rush hour, it will be a major issue.

September is Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month.

October 14th to 20th is Poverty Awareness Week. (Every week should be Poverty Awareness Week, but that’s just me.)

September 28-30th is Culture Days.

September 8th is International Literacy Day.

And that’s it! No death threats or chemtrail conspiracy theorists. Rather a tame bunch.