I got a lot of traffic last month, thanks to some generous links, but my perverse nature has refused to capitalize on that and post more.  I’m still thinking about what I’d like to put on here. Maybe I’ll just turn it into a long-form version of my Twitter account, which is all over the map (I’m all over the map.) Also, I’m not super interested in being a slave to this thing – I enjoy being funny and critical, but not on a schedule. If I were smart, I would start putting up drawings and cartoons – AFAIK, we don’t have much of municipal lampoonery going on, at least in the visual department.

Also, ten years ago this week, I moved to Saskatoon to go to school. I remember coming west on College Drive and having a private little freak-out over the size of the university (“It’s too big! I can’t do this.”) I graduated from a high school with 10 other people. If you had told me ten years ago what I would do, I’d have a panic attack. Now it’s just “What’s next?”