First up is the Broadway 360 proposal. This week’s agenda is a paltry 218 pages, so we’ll find out how many times the City staff has managed to zealously reproduce the 360 plan therein.

There’s not too much to note aside from an outpouring of support (and one or two negative letters) for the plan. Kearley was the dude at the last meeting who wanted some time, along with McClocklin, to assess the impact on their properties. McClocklin is nowhere in evidence this week, but Kearley found the time to write in to the good “Sirs and Mesdames” of council. (This is they guy who was the former member of the Board of Directors for the Broadway Business Improvement District for seven years.) He dislikes design by committee and feels that the results do not reflect the greater good of the city but instead the interests of the special interest groups who make up the committees. This is municipal governance, which is why we are all fighting tooth and nail to get on the committees. Oh wait, we’re not? He uses the phrase “the market has determined” so I feel safe in tossing his letter to the kerb, something I should have done at the sign of the first “mesdame”. The market has also determined that his logo is stale. Lucida Calligraphy?

He does own the building in which my favourite Saskatoon restaurant resides, Bliss. Seriously, it is delicious. We had them cater our wedding and it was terrific, worth every penny. You should go there, especially for lunch as it’s quite reasonable and the quiche is divine. I am not paid to say any of this, I just enjoy good food and telling other people where and how to obtain it. Moving on.

Aaah, Broadway 360 plan again.
And the bylaw, again. I see what they mean by “Read a third time and passed” because if I have to read this a third time I am going to pass, and then a couple of people will be sad for a bit.

Some zoning applications.

Ooh, contract award report, for contracts between $50,000 and $100,000.

p. 131. You’ll want to read this. It’s a gripping account of how the City has acquired 95,000 tons of rocks (of varying size!) from Silverspring and Evergreen development. The rock MUST be moved by December 17th! Of 2017!!! Also, the rocks are worth a lot of money!!! Can the City find someone who will move the rock and sell it for them??? Stay tuned!!! You’ll never guess what happens…

…We join the story on Tuesday, July 10th, 2012. On this day, a RFP was issued. Before the closing date of the tender, August 10, 2012, only five companies managed to submit a bid. After an intense scrutiny of each company’s plan to remove the rocks, the City had a hard decision. When they added up the aggregate amount of points, Mocon Construction had the most solid proposal. The other conglomerates were crushed. The moral of this story is do not take your RFPs for granite. Also, the City will clear a gneiss $1 million for the sale of the rock. I norite?

*****PUN FREE ZONE*********

Fire Department needs a new water tanker and “bush truck”. I am not sure exactly what the Fire Department is doing in their spare time but I’m sure they are enjoying it.

p 136 is the 11th Street Slope Failure update. The City is not accepting responsibility for the slope failure as their hired consultants have advised that the failure is due to weather, geology, and poor landscaping and construction decisions by the afflicted. (I do enjoy a good round of blame the victim. Everyone is now giving the spiral staircase house owners the side-eye, I bet.) The monitoring program will continue to be funded by the city, however. So in other words, nobody is happy.

Public Works needs a new crew trailer, as they are crammed in the current ones like proverbial sardines. Sardines who have been sweating all day in their overalls. A new trailer costs $66K which seems reasonable, given my expert knowledge based on my in-depth research of the trailers available for purchase at the RV park next door.

Next issue is some land acquisitions. P. 140. This will be of particular interest to the mosque neighbours who were so upset last go-round. The Boychuk/Highway 16 interchange is getting enhanced and they need to pick up some land from the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam (Ontario) Inc. Perhaps the Movement can use the resulting funds to make their fence higher and less light-penetrable, soothing their neighbours’ scarred retinas and jangling nerves caused by people who choose to fast all day and then eat when the sun goes down.

Oskayak is getting a U-Pass test run, as most of their students use the bus. Frankly I’m surprised that the secondary schools don’t have a semester/yearly pass. According to the report, they can save 27 tonnes of GHG yearly if they can convince the remaining 44 students to also take the bus.

This result was based on Statistics Canada’s 2006 Census, which indicates the average daily commute in Saskatoon was 5 km one way, Canadian average motor vehicle fuel economy of 21 mpg /City and 200 days of classes for the school year.) There could be a further reduction if these 44 students choose to use Transit on the weekends.

Now that’s some serious tonnage, although personally aside here, we are fucked anyways if the largest polluters do not curb their output. 44 kids taking the bus is like me eating 0.001 less Smartie during my 11 am anxiety sugar binge.

OK, wrapping it up. I’m on the receiving end of some pointed looks at me and then at the clock.

BONUS CONTENT: A list, in no particular order, of the funniest rock types.

Rhomb porphyry