The Urbanophile has a great post today about how you should be wary of effusive praise (or marketing) of your city. If you like what I write about planning and other city related things, you’ll love that site since they do a much better job than me.

The Billfold, for sensible, small-scale money and financial advice (not that kind of advice, mostly just perspective on lifestyle, housing, and travel as they relate to your income.) The site’s editor, Mike Dang, is a lovely person.

Bike Portland for Oregonian shenanigans, and A View from the Cycle Path for all you self-hating North American bicyclists. AVfthCP has a great sidebar with resources for blasting apart any misconception, unfounded assertion or flat-out lies you may encounter as a cyclist, as well as a deep section of analysis on how to fix/improve the cycling situation wherever you are. (Unless you are in the Netherlands, in which case I hate you.) I’m a big fan of critics also offering suggestions on how to improve things, something I don’t always do. Warning: you should probably not read too much of David Hembrow in a day because you will get depressed at the state of our infrastructure here compared with the Netherlands. Jonathan Maus at Bike Portland is also thoughtful, and it’s good to see how Portland implements and copes with its changing transportation profile.

Copyranter. Because he’s goddamn funny.