Ugh, the more I learn about either sides of certain debates, the less I identify with any of them. I’m an idealist, not an ideologue. Also I should probably not even think about picking a side until I know more about the issue, or just stop thinking of things in terms of sides at all. This is my cryptic declaration of the afternoon.

Anyways, congratulations to all winners and losers alike in the recent council and mayoral races. I’m sure you’re looking forward eagerly to your respective agenda(s), which reminds me, there isn’t one for Council until November. (If you think I’m going to the inauguration, I’ve just about had my fill of faffy speechifying so I’m going to lay low for a bit. I’m still recovering from the Great Send-Off in September.) An extra bit of praise goes out for the people who were also-rans. Thank you for giving us a bit of competition. No praise goes out for those who didn’t vote. Come on. 36 or 37 percent is a disgrace. I’ve seen people stand in line longer at Starbucks than there were at the polling stations. Rant rant rant rant.

Welp, we’re stuck with this lot for four years (unless 2012 turns out to be a documentary) so you can expect I will be merciless as the morning dew (or taking the high road so hard I get altitude sickness). I hate using the word “interesting” but it will be ‘interesting’ to see what comes out of this motley crew. As for election analysis, I will say that I am sorry to see that Sean Shaw lost so narrowly to Troy Davies, I was sure he had a lock on that ward. I also did not think that the Dubois vote would actually show up as much as they did. In addition, I am rather disappointed with Don Atchison’s dismissal of the 47% who did not vote for him – for someone who was accusing Tom Wolf of being “divisive”, this isn’t a very inclusive maneuver. Hopefully we see the old cheerleader-type Atchison back in office, not the petty, defensive Atchison that surfaced towards the end of the campaign. (Seriously, did you see what was going down on Twitter?) I’m going to agree with the Star-Phoenix editorial and task him with being a proper progressive mayor, as his platform attested.

Well, these episodes of Fawlty Towers aren’t going to watch themselves, etc. etc. Also, this FF Tactics WotL is not going to finish itself either. Seriously, Netflix and Arithmeticks both feel too easy, too convenient. Soon, we will pay. We will all pay. (In the case of Netflix this will be in about three weeks when my free trial runs out.) I’d put something in here about the neglected environmental implications line that shows up in the council agendas but hey, we’ve beaten that one to death, much like the climate. Well, I guess I am picking sides on this issue.