I went to Amigo’s last night to see AC Newman and the Mynabirds. AC Newman is a Canadian institution; if you like indie pop and haven’t listened to him or his supergroup the New Pornographers, you are in for a treat. Likewise with the Mynabirds, who put on a solid show. I’d be surprised if they aren’t headlining the next time they come back into town. Anyways. Here is where you can stream some Mynabirds.

There is also some solid artwork happening down at the Mendel this season; the main exhibition (Beneath a Petroliferous Moon) is rather hit-and-miss, however the hits hit hard and you can easily skip over the misses. Highlights are some excellent Burtynsky photographs (I was fortunate enough to see the terrific Oil show at the Art Gallery of Alberta, A+++ would see again) and this hypnotizing motorized map by Robyn Moody. (It’s beautiful, angry, and compelling.)

I also liked the mid-exhibit, The Names of Things, with wasp-paper and sandhill crane elements from Terry Billings, huge drawings from Zachari Logan, and these delightfully repulsive glue sculptures from Stacia Verigin.

In movie news, I saw Samsara at the Roxy, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you have any knowledge of these following concepts: gaze, ethnography, objectification, Orientalism, essentialism, colonialism or cultural hegemony. If you don’t I can assure you that you will enjoy it unconditionally, especially if you liked looking at National Geographic as a child and/or enjoy recreational substances. (I’m not being disdainful here; I definitely do not enjoy things as much as I used to before I started my studies.) I hope to see Seven Psychopaths on some form of screen in the coming months.

Other news: the full City Council agenda should be coming out this week for next week’s meeting (YESSS FINALLY DEAR ODIN); all other aspects of my life involve me throwing things at the metaphorical (and literal) wall to see what will stick. This includes shopping for Christmas presents, which I have to make, buy, or otherwise acquire 15 so far this year. Unfortunately when I start doing Christmas shopping usually what I end up doing is buying things for myself, since I always know I’ll like whatever it is.