Most of my frustration these days stems from the fact that I am attempting to live the life of a downtown person, while currently residing in an inner-ring suburb. I got a folding bike and a folding shopping trolley cart thing and then it fucking snowed. Normally I enjoy winter (see: skiing) but this year I am Taking Things Personally. Anyways, this frustration is reflecting itself in what I write/make/say, so I am just busy getting it out of my system. Frothing rants only go over so well. I’m not funny all the time; the other side of me is a crushingly boring, didactic, and frightfully anxious person, which the sense of humour seeks to alleviate.
edited to add: here is a small post from the Corner Side Yard about the “new urbanism” and how it’s not really new. I agree. It doesn’t matter how much I carpool, or walk, or take the bus; without significant investment at higher levels our actions, even collectively, are futile. I’m in a great mood today!