So, this is what I’m doing this week, coming up. In case you wanted to rob my house. (Please don’t rob my house.)

-I’m going to Amigo’s on Saturday  around 10 pm ish to see three bands play. Full disclosure: my cousin plays keyboard & several other instruments in the third band to play that evening. Anyways, if you like sort of alt-folky type music, I suggest you come.

-Monday is the council meeting; I may or may not attend, depending on how much house things I get done. Council meetings make for a very long day for me, as I leave the house at 8 am and come home after 11, depending on the level of discourse afterwards. I do have to remain somewhat coherent for my job, because if I make one mistake it can get repeated thousands of times.

-Tuesday is Big Shiny Tunes 2 at the Broadway; I am culturally obliged to attend since I owned that tape. Next year, if it’s Big Shiny Tunes 3 my entire family will show up as we wore that album out and drove our parents collectively insane with that compilation. Anyways, doors at 7, admission free with membership ($20).

-Thursday I am going to the tweetup at the Woods; I hear they have Puddlejumper on tap now, so I don’t have to drink Paddockwood. (I…I just don’t like any of the Paddockwood stuff, guys. I don’t like much beer; I find it to be super bitter, like coffee. If I drink beer, it’s usually weissbier like hefeweizen or other witbier like white ale.) I am also going to wear my heinous cat sweater. I am serious, it is awful. The buttons spell out “I ❤ CAT”.

-The following weekend I am having an internets-free weekend, mostly due to being in an internets-free area. I may get the odd hit of 3G though. This will be great for my credit-card balance as I am unable to buy things on the internet when I have no internet.