What it’s come down to is that I’ve blocked “Merry” and “Christmas” on Twitter, not because of the atheists, but because of the so-called subset of “Christians”. I recommend it. It’s very relaxing. Also, I’m making a conscious effort to limit Christmas stuff to the days immediately around the 25th, for a more intense Xmas high. Christmas creep is diluting Christmas, you guys. Putting Merry Christmas on everything isn’t helping either. At this rate it’s going to be a secular government-sanctioned holiday and then we’ll get stat pay for it or something.

Also, if you’re going to bring up the preamble for the Charter as evidence of a Christian nation, I’m very interested in how you’re going to put this into action. Who speaks for God, exactly? I know, it’s whatever sect of Christianity you subscribe to, but what if someone else gets there first? Who gets to decide what God wants? Are we going to have some sort of Canadian Pope figure? (The Governor General? We saw how well that went down.) What if it’s David Suzuki? WHAT IF DAVID SUZUKI IS GOD’S VOICE. God gets to decide this, and this is who God has chosen. David Suzuki will smite you down with his righteous wrath. I mean, there are how many different versions of the Bible and nobody can agree on what is the best one. Also, what if the Charter guys were just playing with us and the “principles that recognize the supremacy of God” refer to a different monotheistic deity than the Christian God? I, for one, welcome our new Sikh overlords. So, as you can see, if we start running around squawking that we are a Christian nation without really thinking about what that entails we’re in for a bit of fun. Do we stone all the gay people first, or do we get rid of strong spirits? What is God’s position on polyester? (Is it … of the devil? I think it’s of the devil. Unless you are at the gym, in which case cotton is of the devil.)

It’s all very confusing. I think we should just leave it up to the individual to decide what religion(s) they wish to follow (if at all) and keep the government out of it. Look how well the bureaucracy is doing at running the rest of the city. Do you really want them telling you what to do on Sundays? If you’ll recall in a much earlier agenda summary, I stated that Saskatoon is now an Islamic city, so I’m not sure where all this Christian nonsense came from. Some scrappy Regina Christians no doubt. More forced pilgrimages to Davidson for you feisty ones. I know it’s December, put on an extra pair of pants.

Perhaps we all need to take a hot buttered rum and relax. Christianity is not threatened because someone thinks that it’s not appropriate for “Merry Christmas” to be on a city bus. Drop the persecution complex, it’s unflattering. You’re not hiding in crypts and running from lions. If anything, as “Christians” you should be arguing against the dilution of Christmas. If everyone says “Merry Christmas”, how will you tell the true believers apart from the unclean false idol worshippers? Or the heathen flea-bitten agnostics? You’ve been played for a yule here. Next thing you know they’ll insist on tree worship and displays of consumerism as celebrations of the birth of Our Lord. If you’d like to call me an “offensive spineless nitwit”, please go ahead, although I’d like to point out it’s rather spineful to assert opinions that run counter to the dominant narrative.

This reminds me of something I saw illustrated in the City’s planning workshop I attended. (I think they have it in February if you’re interested; I recommend it but then I’m a weirdo who likes sitting in boardrooms taking notes and eating cookies on the weekend because it’s so unlike my day job. Seriously, I am fascinated by bureaucracy and filling out forms and pootling around filing things. How do you do this all day.) Anyways, what I was talking about: people who were trying to block proposed projects (or zoning) in their neighbourhood said they were against draconian zoning decrees. But, judging from their words, their beef wasn’t with the system, their beef was that they were not the ones in charge. I’m more interested in people critiquing the system than those who want to be put in charge. (Put me in charge. You won’t regret it. Everyone will have a puppy room.)

Well, this was not what this was supposed to be about. Fortunately I can’t remember what it was supposed to be about so you got this instead. I’m turning the comments off as well, so that I don’t find out who can’t take a joke. That’s right! I’m a leftist coward! I’m also an unfunny feminazi with a weak husband/no husband/hates men/likes women; an angry harpy who is just bitter about her lack of looks;  and I ride bikes. I think I’ve covered the bases here. We all can’t be David Suzuki.

(obviously none of this is addressed at YOU, dear reader, who is possessed of uncanny grace, charm, and tact, unlike myself.)


update: I was in an office-type setting and overheard a lengthy discussion on the stocking and re-ordering procedure for printer toner. I no longer want to work in an office.