This is Griff, formerly Nile of the SPCA. My parents adopted him just before Christmas due to a confluence of factors (mostly me finding him at the pound and hassling Mom to adopt him.) He is a 5-year-old black Lab and was on the short list to be put down, if I am interpreting the SPCA employees’ implications correctly.

He is a lovely dog.

Griff on the mat, with his irritating (to him) squeaky toy. He puts it away at night and only brings it out once everyone is awake.

He’s only been at the farm for about three weeks but already feels like he’s been there for much longer. To be fair, he looks an awful lot like our previous Labs.

Cows are bad at hiding

Opening the icehole. He doesn’t much care for cows but we didn’t hire him to be a herd dog. The cows are used to black Labs and just ignore him completely.

Alana put too much tape on this one so it took him a while.

He loves wrapping paper and packages, but he is very polite and only opens his gifts.

He was at the SPCA since the end of September, and before I called about him, nobody else had even expressed an interest. Older dogs are not very popular. Fortunately, they had marked him down to $60. A steal, really.

I have a great video of this that I will put up once the other person in this household quits hogging the bandwidth.

“Almost as good as cow poo”

Yeah, all that happy fuzzy crap about giving animals a new home etc etc.? It’s all true. Although my mom might say otherwise when he comes back to the house covered in fresh cow shit.

(Also if my mom asks, there aren’t any pictures of the interior of her house on the Internet.)