Blogs/Internets: I am slowly plowing through Strong Towns in my Google Reader feed. (I love Reader. I hate my unread count.) I think it’s something a lot of you will like, and I find it refreshing to read a progressive, thoughtful engineer analyzing the infrastructure glut from a new perspective. Our Current Situation, Mechanisms of Growth, Growth Case Studies (another thing I love) and the Growth Ponzi Scheme sum up his arguments. I suppose you can infer his position on growth due to the P-word. I apologize if I’ve linked him before.

I read a lot of The Atlantic Cities and have a hard time suppressing my urge to just RT everything they put on Twitter. Although, I am not a Richard Florida fan. Go figure.

I am also currently reading Ken Greenberg’s book, Walking Home (it’s GREAT, go reserve/buy it). He is an advisor on the Downtown Plan and I am super excited.

Non-urbanist readings: I am almost finished My Misspent Youth, a series of essays by Meghan Daum. If you were born between 1970 and about 1986 or so, you will most likely enjoy her work unless you hate NYC and polemics on class, and like wall-to-wall carpeting.

I am also re-reading The Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko, although not in the original Russian. It involves magic and vampires but set in bleak present-day proletarian Moscow. Tone is much like the Dragon Tattoo books but with less rape scenes and Swedish efficiency. It’s also been made into a movie (or rather a series of movies based on the series of books) but those are, uh, not as good.