What I think about when I think about the north downtown infill.

rue Drolet, sunset

This is a shot of the street where we stayed last year in Montreal, on the Plateau Mont-Royal. Amazingly there are over 12,000 people per square kilometre here. I know, sooo cramped right? Ew. Most of whom, if not all, occupy three-story walk-ups. It’s all disgustingly twee with curvy staircases and ivy and trees everywhere.

Look at this awful view off the cramped rear balcony. (Curvy staircase is just outside the frame.) Reprehensible. You can see the neighbours from here. And if you hold your breath and sit very still you can faintly hear the traffic from Rue St-Denis, a major thoroughfare, just a block over. Unacceptable.

Hoegaarden above the garden

Here’s another view of the ghastly cramped situation.


I know. It’s amazing people can live in these conditions. The apartment was only 900 square feet and had a tiny fridge, so we had to keep going to the grocery store two blocks over for food. Also the counter only held 1 bag of fresh bagels from Fairmount so it was impossible to stock up for the week. Not to mention that the closest Bixi station was at the nearest Metro stop, at least a three-minute walk away. We could barely walk down St-Denis without passing yet another sidewalk cafe patio crammed with people. I went out shopping the one day and only went two blocks in two hours since there were just too many stores all next to each other. I am not sure where everyone keeps their cars and bikes here, there’s obviously not enough room.