Class Rage Speaks has a timely and humbling post, “Nine things I wish economically privileged people in my life knew.

Being poor also has a large indirect impact on me in terms of how people think of me and the community I come from. Stereotypes of poor people abound. People frequently assume that my parents are unintelligent, ignorant, and bad parents. They treat me as an anomaly, an escapee from a uniformly horrible situation that they can pity and make fun of. People who know me treat me as an exception to a classist rule, not realizing that their upholding of that rule allows people who don’t know me to stereotype and mistreat me. That’s the world I live in.

As I get older, I’ve noticed my peers start to segregate themselves economically as they move into their post-university careers. It’s depressing. I know the underlying psychology of it, the fear that if poor people aren’t wholly responsible for their poverty, then it could happen to you. Fear is a terrible way to live your life, though. Snap out of it and stop being an ass.