Miss Sarah is my hero.

There has been stuff going down in Edmonton lately about new bike lanes, with both people for and against them coming up to bat. I know this isn’t different from any other city that has faced the same challenges while attempting to alter the way we look at transportation. No matter what, people on both sides have a stake in the matter.

Our community health is a long-term investment, and if we want to see drastic improvements in our mobility and quality of life 25 years from now, it makes sense to invest some small (and perhaps irksome) changes now. Long story short, I think one of the best investments we can make in our children, our community, and ourselves, is currently taking some baby steps in the direction of diversification in transportation.

I just want to excerpt all of her post and her lovely pictures. (I have been accused of wanting to excerpt her life, but then I’d have to live in Edmonton.)