This is me procrastinating, by the way.

The Atlantic Cities has a post on several exciting apps and opportunities to be used with open data. There is a push for the City to join the open-data trend and I think several of these would be a good way to improve community engagement and accountability. The flood-watch one should be useful this spring.

“P.S. If I have misinterpreted your note of ‘Let’s learn how to shovel’, please let me know. I would come talk with you but unfortunately you failed to sign your note.” This guy is no hero but neither is the original note-leaver. There’s a whole rabbit-hole of snow-shoveling notes on there in case your blood pressure is a little low. Next week I’ll have some good passive-aggressive flooding notes for you.

Speaking of snow-shoveling, Jordon Cooper has a very good post on his current health concerns. Jordon doesn’t talk about this in real life so I feel like a prat for getting dramatic over stupid things on Twitter. I won’t say something facile about I hope his problems go away but I will say that I hope he finds something that works since I think Saskatoon would be the lesser without him. Anyway, it’s nice to find at least one other person who wears hobbit shoes unrepentantly.

Graphic design break: here is a perfect poster for Taxi Driver.

This Onion piece is…ow. Just ow. Ow ow ow.

If I was a pro-food-truck city councillor, you can bet that I would be playing Cart Life during meetings. (Anti-truck councillors play Monopoly.)

Architecture break! Some ideas for libraries.

Adulting has a good reminder for people like me who love the initial idea and the end results, but have a hard time slogging away in the featureless middle. The System has also summed this up nicely. (Side note: if you live in an office and drink coffee you should be reading The System.)