So, it’s official – I’ve signed the papers and everything, and as of June 3rd, you’re going to start seeing a column from me occasionally in Metro Saskatoon. That’s right, I’m selling out. Part of the deal is that I move my glittering prose over to their blog. The hardest part about this decision was explaining to my parents that I’m going to be a published columnist on municipal politics. (‘Mom, Dad, I’ve been talking to politicians. And blogging. And doing podcasts. I’m sorry, I know you didn’t raise me this way.”) This may come as a terrible blow to you, but we all must keep a stiff upper lip and soldier through. (I’ve been watching an awful lot of Downton Abbey lately. The second season isn’t as good as the first, however. Too much sensationalism, not enough prejudiced old Dowager Countess.) However, they are going to be paying me for my efforts, which is nice, and they’ve also promised to edit with a light touch, so you’ll probably just be seeing fewer adverbs and no asides regarding BBC television shows. I’ll also still be over at ourYXE frothing about urbanism and city building, while striking fear into the hearts of city officials with my incisive and devastating attacks. My Twitter account is entirely within my jurisdiction so don’t expect to see much change there aside from blatant advertisements for the Metro column and frequent confirmation that I am not, indeed, short.

Since the Metro values things like brevity and putting photographs on blog posts, my 10,000 word missives summarizing the agenda are going to take a back seat – I’ll be highlighting things, of course, and doing a running commentary on Twitter as I read them, but no longer will I be achieving NaNoWriMo levels of wordery every month. Which, frankly, is a bit of a relief. I was starting to dread the task – and I know you guys really like them – but this will hopefully keep the best bits of snarkery without the accompanying drudgery. Plus, did I mention I’m getting paid?

I’ll have a link up redirecting everyone to Metro once I read through all my emails here and figure out the process. I know all 5 of you regular readers will appreciate this. Feel free to direct any ire towards the editor of Metro Saskatoon and/or public replies on Twitter. I will warn you though, I’ll only respond to the creative ones.