[Does not actually contain agenda analysis]

I’ve read through the short agenda and glanced at the long one. There isn’t anything good in there, or at least not anything that even gets me whipped up into a froth. (Not even the spending reports from the recent municipal election.) I’m suffering from February malaise; spring seems so far away even though the days are visibly getting longer. I’m tired of being stuck in a car or a bus or sloughing through the snow. I suppose I should pull up my socks and be like the Norwegians and the Russians, who welcome winter and view outdoor activities as a source of national pride. Of course, many cities have heated sidewalks in Scandinavia and the Russians take snow-clearing very seriously, so being outside in winter there requires less mental fortitude than here. It’s not the cold that makes me fearful, it’s the walking conditions. I really do not enjoy being ignored at crosswalks or buzzed by motorists when I’m walking on the street. At any rate, any city that claims to be about promoting active transportation and then neglects the sidewalks is just paying lip service to the concept. I know, there’s not enough money. There never is, when it comes to alternative modes. See? February. It’s not cynicism. I’m just tired. It’s an uphill effort to be chipper some days.

Huh. I just thought of something. Since there are no crosswalks (marked or unmarked) along the south side of Gray Avenue, an enterprising peace officer could go along and ticket everyone who gets off the #4 eastbound. FYI, crosswalks exist wherever there are lines painted on the road and/or where the sidewalk ends on one side and continues on the other at an intersection. There’s no sidewalk on the south side of Gray or lines painted at any point until you get to…Central. It’s no wonder that people cross in the middle of the block here. Why go to the corner when there’s no attempt to accommodate you? You may as well break the law in a convenient fashion.

Even I’m tired of my tirades. I can’t even find anything novel to bitch about. L’enfer, c’est les limites de mon intellect minuscule. Speaking of French existentialism, I googled the same and found this excellent video.

I think I’ve found the thing that will get me through the agenda and the next four weeks. Nothingness, I embrace you!